Monday, December 14, 2009

Forward to the Past...

Okay, it's four in the morning, I'm slightly nauseous from Goldfish and Little Debbie Christmas Tree cakes, and I'm insomnia-ridden. Not because of the tumultuous churning of my stomach, but because a revelation practically t-boned my mind. I am 21 years old and I'm screwed. I say this because there is a very strong possibility that I will not follow the field that my major is in. Every 5 years I change my life course. Blah, indecision. Will I be one of those college students that know practically every professor, what classes are offered what semester, and how to pass said class? Will I be the 40 year old grad? *gag* Graduate school to me pretty much is an extension on postponing the onset of the real world (college itself is the primary postpone-ation). How long can I actually continue on majoring in plagiarism?

Fast forward 10 years. Option A: I will be a successful associate news producer, waking up every day at ungodly hours to deal with my boss, who is "firm, but fair". (Pardon the cliche.) I will put my Starbucks coffee in a steel thermos, fight rush hour traffic to go discover what gang member initiate has held a gas station at gunpoint or what local child has gone missing. Fun stuff. Option B: I will be earning my doctorate degree in something or other. I will be living in a duplex next to a lady with 6 cats, 2 birds, and an iguana. She will cook something that smells absolutely ghastly and I will retire to bed with a gargantuan mal a tete and a 50 page dissertation slowly but surely destroying my life. Neither of these journeys sound fulfilling nor promising...hence my dilemma. Oh, not to mention the fun onslaught of bills that I have to look forward to. What joy.

Oh well. At least I have this as my motivation to continue on.