Thursday, January 15, 2009

What Have We Come To?

Just watching the meniality of today's so-called "reality shows" is disheartening. It seems there is not a shortage of young, oftentimes college educated women, who will subjectify and compromise themselves for the sake of being on television. Engaging in uncouth activities simply for money or for the sake of being on a nationally syndicated network, my question is: what image does this portray of women to the younger generation? Or more importantly, the world? Apparently, this terrible image has no sense of age, ethnicity or background. The million-dollar pop star can be just as catty and emotional as the ghetto hoodrat from Brooklyn. This is, simply put, FRIGHTENING. These syndications are getting unfathomably rich because of shows like Flavor of Love (seasons one through like, 17) and the equally nauseating Rock of Love. These women drink, engage in lesbian escapades and dispel all morality and self-respect within the span of a month or two. The most eye-opening show for me the the recent VH1 reality show "A Real Chance At Love." He took two women who had grown close in the house as comrades, turned them against each other (whereas a debacle ensued), and then picked NEITHER OF THEM. Then, the women, both struggling to maintain a long-ago-forsaken sense of dignity, picked up the pieces and left the show quietly. I don't understand. Producer choose shows that audiences will follow faithfully to gaze blankly at the television set to chatter about what drama happened on the show the night before. What happened to talking about other dramas, such as House or CSI? Let's not even talk about how this means the death of the public programming. Where else am I going to get a full documentary on the migration patterns of geese of the origins of a supernova? Damnit.