Monday, November 7, 2011


I'm a cynic of a hopeless romantic, if that makes sense at all. I do believe that there's possibly a person that completes you, but the concept of "soulmates" escapes me. In my objectively biased opinion, people throw the L word (no not lesbians) around way too casually...but I digress. However, when a woman looks for a mate, more than likely there's a list of stipulations and qualities involved. The problem is: what does she do once she finds

someone with EVERYTHING SHE WANTS? Sadly, more often than not, she will cheat on him shamelessly, treat him like shit or do something imbicilic to drive him away. Why is it that so many women are relentlessly screwing over their Prince Charming and vying for the attention of Duke of Normalcy from the next kingdom over?

I only have one hypothesis, and I am my own basis of comparison. Even though it is my everyday goal, I HATE perfection. I absolutely need conflict, which is why I am addicted to reality shows, i.e Basketball Wives. I hate perfection for one reason only: it is BORING. Who doesn't like to discover that the woman with the perfect home, family and job has a gargantuan pimple on her lip that may or may not be herpes?

As women we should stop setting impossible standards for our current (and potential) significant others. Prince Charming could very well be an asshole under all that armor.