Tuesday, November 11, 2008


...fighting with my sinuses. Don't feel like doing anything, but the life of a student-athlete must continue. I need my nails and my hair done. I feel like a wretch. However, I am seeing my BEST friends from Maryland in about 3 days, I get my scholarship refund check back tomorrow...so this day is kinda like my purgatory. Once I'm over that Tuesday hump, it's all downhill from there. Plus I'm kinda looking forward to taking my Benadryl after practice. When it's hard to get sleep, a drug-induced one is welcomed and celebrated. Fighting with my recent breakup. But I will NOT let that situation control my attitude or how my day goes. okay, okay. I'll try my best not to.

complaining mood today, so I hope I am avoided by everyone...and Murphy's Law, this is when everyone is gonna be in my face. argh.

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