Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Overreacting Much?

News of ten year old little Thylane Loubry Blondeau, a ten year old French girl, has had her face splattered all over international news. What the hell can a ten year old do to be featured in news briefs all over the world? Pose for French Vogue, that's what.
Recently becoming a news headliner all over the world, this young model has been depicted as being "sexualized" by not only the photographer and the magazine, but by her mother, as well. American journalists have been crying that spreads (no pun intended) like this are proverbial nesting grounds for pedophiles everywhere. In one picture, she has her coif teased and pinned sky high, with a seductive pout and donning couture and high heels. Her mother, Veronika Loubry, has defended the shoot, claiming it to be artistic.

The first issue I have with this whole thing is French models are recruited out of the crib. If they want to encourage misguided views on body image, promote eating disorders and subject young women to a paradigm of beauty that they can never acheive, go ahead. Why is this America's problem? France doesn't care; neither should we. There have been questionable photoshoots of preteens since forever; why do we care so much?

Another issue I have, stemming from America poking its nose where it doesn't belong, is: don't we have enough problems to deal with, sans
a ten year old making front page news? How about we get out of debt, lower the unemployment rate, and for God's sake, stop worrying about what Kate Middleton is doing.

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