Monday, August 8, 2011

A Star Is Born...

It strikes me as interesting whenever people seek to explain how some people rise into fame and stardom. A common cliche is that people say, "...and on this day a star was born." Jay-Z even wrote a song about it, in which he enumerated many talented rappers of our time.

"Hey, Snoop Dogg did, Nelly came down
Facemob kept the ghetto for the H-Town
Luda moved digits after he moved bitches
Drake's up next, see what he do wit it

So where does this leave me? I don't personally see myself as "star" material...I'm self-conscious, terrified of meeting new people, and am as anti-social as a Libra can possibly get. But is that the key? That people who are stars are simply so because they just are? Is it impossible to "stop one's shine" if the stardom is innately proven, time after time? When it comes to actual astronomic, scientific facts, they say a star is born "when the interstellar matter in gas clouds...compresses and fuses," according to the Scientific American. I assume this was not how Angelina Jolie or Denzel Washington came into being. Or is it? The interstellar matter of their lives finally compressed and fused their talent and spark into existence. So maybe I do stand a chance.

Jay-Z's "A Star is Born" here:

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