Monday, December 15, 2008

Chillin Really Means "Go Take a Cold Shower"...

I am sick, I repeat, SICK and tired of the novel connotation of this word, "chillin". Chillin used to hold the meaning of just hanging out with friends, watching television, playing video games, etc; whatever people did to relax and escape from the pressures of the day-to-day. However, in today's hormone-driven generation who are constantly bombarded with ulterior and blatant sexual messages, "chillin" has grown to mean the old connotation, but with a twist: result in sex. I don't know how this came to be, but it now means an immense amount of pressure on women. They have either the choice of chillin with this person and turning down the eventual request for intercourse, maintain her dignity, but lose a friend. On the other hand, she could give in, allow the compromising of her morals, and he still leaves. As I said: lose-lose. One theory of mine regarding this word metamorphosis is that teens today have too much free time and too little supervision. I was watching a television show the other day and a teenage girl and boy were in her room...alone...with the door closed. This moment is a byproduct of broadcast producers and writers flirting with the unthinkable, which has been reflected in an increasing number of shows. Teenage boys end up being fathers at seventeen, fathers allow the boyfriend of his teenage daughter to move into his home, and the proverbial list goes on. The problem is: this isn't too far fetched anymore. What will writers produce when this becomes the norm?

My question is: why can't guys be more direct? Instead of the tried-and-true "Hey do you wanna chill?", why not be honest and blunt? Let's go with "Hey, would you like to be invited to my home to I can beat around the bush all night, and eventually I will ask you through my body language to engage in intercourse with me?" Sure, it doesn't sound as appealing, but honesty is the best policy! Also, why doesn't it work the same way when the roles are reversed? If a man asks to chill, has sex with his chill partner (which is the new moniker for friend with benefits, ugh), and leaves, it's perfectly normal. If a woman did this, her chill partner would consider her a woman with promiscuous sexual morals (also known as a whore) or heartless. Secretly, men are just as emotional as women. Men search for women they find attractive, make up in their minds to have emotionless, no-strings-attached sex with her, and when she doesn't appear to be head over heels in love with him, he is taken aback. Oftentimes, he, in turn, develops feelings for her. This is the most BACKWARDS shit I have ever seen in my life. Instead of being so chill, put that shit in the microwave and let the girl know you like her!

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