Monday, December 8, 2008

Shortstop #2: Ignorant Ass (Racist) People

Today I heard one of the most disturbing things (to me) I've ever heard in today's supposedly nonracist society. The late night show "Chelsea Lately" with some dumb white chick trying to be Conan O'Brian, except avec vagina, blatantly shared their views about Beyonce trying to play a Black Superwoman. Yes, this is a tad over the line for the boisterous bombshell, but the show goes on to fervently and adamantly attest that America is not ready to have a Black Superwoman. WTF. We just, and I mean JUST, voted a Black man as president of the gotdamn Free World, but a Black superhero is simply unfathomable? Where is the logic in that? Well, clearly logic does not run this country...if that was the case, Bush wouldn't have even had a taste of the presidency. And for eight years at that...

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