Monday, December 8, 2008

Shortstop #1: Ride or Die

Something that was on my mind: wht exactly is the definition of a "ride or die" female? Ever since the term was coined, I have been perplexed. Is this the woman depicted in the urban blockbuster "Belly" as Keisha, who spent time in jail for her would-be beau, while he received fellatio from the hoodrat up the street? Keisha indulged in the fruits of her lover's drug infested world and paid the price for it. She was driven to murder a man who savagely beat her looking for her boyfriend. I know for a fact for many of the women who seemingly wish to bear this moniker, there is nothing at all glamourous about getting beat up for someone else. Then, of course, the term has also been made an urban vocabulary staple by the uber-street rap artist Ace Hood. The featured R&B singer on the track croons the hook, "...through it all they gon' stand right beside you..." No matter what, there is always a line. Either ride...or die. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

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