Monday, December 8, 2008

Is the Bottle Half Empty or Half Full? Doesn't Matter. I Was Thirsty.

Something was brought to my attention today by someone very close to me...apparently I have a problem completing things. On my desk, I have three half full Gatorade bottles (or are they half empty?); I have all of my homework assignments done...except for one. I began to this because I am incomplete subconsciously? Are my actions my mental acting outs? That is, is my mind telling me something through my actions? I figure myself to be pretty self-aware; I drink and curse entirely too much, I love ice cream and chocolate, and I couldn't cope with life if I wasn't an athlete. This epiphany scares the hell out of me. Last week I heard voices in my head as I was trying to sleep. Does this make me a schitzo? People in movies are forced with the daunting task of facing themselves and finding out who they really are...and some aren't up for the challenge. I I? Am I ready to face my worst enemy and my best friend? The question remains...

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